Forget the rest. Just stick with the best.

By providing complete administration, timely communication, personal service and professional supervision to every property we manage, we endeavour to maximise returns while minimising expenses in our aim to ensure your investment is profitable and stress-free.

We offer flexible packages which can be customised to suit your needs.


This ALL-INCLUSIVE package has NO HIDDEN COSTS – an easy one-off amount with no “surprise” fees covering absolutely every aspect of the management of your investment property. No guessing or calculating fees – just a simple and easy deduction.


Self-managing your investment property? Let us take care of the time-consuming (but significant) details at any time or to any extent that you choose. We can tailor a package to suit you. Simply choose any of the following services:

– Tenant-Finding Service*
– Entry Condition Report (incl. digital photographic evidence)
– Inventory Service for furnished properties
– Exit Condition Report** (incl. digital photographic evidence)
– Lease and Supporting Documents Preparation
– Tenant Sign-up and Orientation Interview with Key hand-over
– Routine Inspections
– Maintenance Reporting and Invoice Management

*Must be purchased in conjunction with the Marketing Package

**Exit Condition Report only available where SCRM has produced the Entry Condition Report

Make sure your property attracts just the right tenant. If the rent is too cheap, you’re underselling your property, potentially to less than desirable tenants. If your property is too expensive, you risk pricing yourself out of the market and experiencing lengthy vacancy periods.


You will have access to real-time information for your investment property whenever you need it. You will be able to view and download your property and financial information from your mobile, tablet or computer. Including current balances, financial graphing, current and historical statements and invoices, maintenance tracking, and detailed inspection reports and images – full transparency at your fingertips is guaranteed.


As the saying goes, you can’t sell a secret.

An investment into the marketing and advertising of your property makes all the difference between a vacant property languishing on the market for a lengthy period of time with no income, and one that is tenanted straight away. However, it’s not as simple as taking a few pictures on your smartphone and placing an ad on the internet.

“Advertising” a property is only one component of the marketing strategy. This may include placing ads on the internet, social media, newspapers and so on.

“Marketing” a property is the systematic planning, implementation and management of a variety of activities to expose the property’s features and benefits to the rental market.

Included in your marketing package are the components required to ensure your property’s marketing reaches its full potential. Key aspects include:

– The ability to highlight the best features of your property, and focus on the benefits and amenities that it has to offer

– Being knowledgeable about the surrounding area and selling the advantages of the location

– Overcoming objections which may be raised by prospective tenants

– Adapting a tenant-friendly approach to inspections, either by appointment or advertised open house

– Maintaining good relations with current tenants whilst scheduling inspections with their cooperation

Compiled with cost-effectiveness and maximum reach in mind, the SCRM Marketing package includes:

– Market assessment to make sure your property attracts just the right tenant. Too cheap and you’re underselling the property, potentially to less desirable tenants. Too expensive and you price yourself out of the market, risking lengthy vacancy periods.

– Skilfully written descriptive copy to portray the property in its best light

– High quality professional photographs

– Premiere listing on

  • Largest and most prominent listing available
  • Prominent magazine-style images in a “carousel” encouraging more renters to engage with your property
  • Easy-to-view inspections times for tenants to view your property
  • Automatic rotation of your property to the top of the search results every 15 days
  • 1.7x number of enquiries received compared with a Standard listing  

– Listing on website

– Professionally mounted 900mm x 1200mm eye-catching signboard

– Social Media campaign

Additional options:

– Inclusion of virtual furniture, giving perspective to an empty room

– Newspaper and magazine print advertising


# 1 Tenant Eviction

If you have to evict a tenant that we place during the first 6 months of their lease, we will do the next Tenant-Finding Service free of charge!

# 2 Entry Condition Report

Most agencies keep the Entry Condition Report a closely guarded secret! We don’t know why but maybe it’s because they’re poor quality. Much care and attention is taken by our team when completing this report, and numerous photographs are captured as additional evidence of the condition of your property. This report is vital in protecting you against unfair claims when a tenant vacates and is often inadequate if completed by time-poor property managers which can result in undue costs. And it’s only fair that you receive a copy.