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Anna Southey founded Sunshine Coast Rental Managers after having owned and operated a large franchise real estate agency with her husband. She chose to move away from the traditional model of real estate sales agents that have a “side” rental business, and often structure their services by fragmenting the management of a property into different departments. This style of business allows large real estate agencies to scale their services and manage large numbers of properties.

Instead, Anna now offers boutique property management services which focus exclusively on Landlords.

Anna’s aim is not to just list, list, list properties to manage, but instead to offer a personal service with a holistic approach – where a single property manager is thoroughly knowledgeable about all aspects of the property, from the initial leasing, to ongoing management and maintenance.

Anna is both the business owner and property manager – service can’t get more personalised than that. She aims to provide quality long-term service. Starting with one point of contact between the Landlord and the Tenant, clear communication and a nimble business model ensures issues are resolved faster and all parties are satisfied.

This results in reduced Tenant turnover and vacancy rates, and saves money, time and stress on happier Tenants treating the property like a home and protecting the capital value of the asset with improved care and maintenance.

Anna has a long history of professional practice and outstanding service in the residential property market, in both sales and rentals. Energetic and proactive, and combining personal experience and professional expertise, she possesses a warm and dynamic personality and is fully equipped with the skills and systems needed to manage your investment property.

As an experienced property investor, Anna understands the complexities associated with the relationship between Landlord and Tenant, and the vital role played by the Property Manager to ensure the relationship is beneficial to all.

Anna’s core values remain at the forefront of the business every day; integrity, knowledge and service excellence.

(You may occasionally spot Anna in various locations around the Sunshine Coast – she’s the lady with the pineapple!)

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